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Advantages of Acrylic over Glass

Weight of Acrylic
The weight of acrylic is much lighter than glass. It is easy and much more convenient to set up the aquarium and transport it. Thus making acrylic materials ideal for aquariums and water products

Heat Insulator
How the temperature in the tank fluctuates determines the wellness of the fishes in water. Acrylic is able to stabilize the water temperature in the tank due to the fact that it insulates better than glass. Glass conducts heat and cold easily, causing water temperature to fluctuate drastically.

Acrylic is clearer than glass.

Strength of Acrylic
Acrylic does not shatter or crack easily as compared to glass materials

Colored Acrylic
Acrylic materials come in different colors, sizes and thickness. Using it for the backdrop or cover for the aquariums.

Customized Design
Acrylic can be easily formed to your own desired design of your tank. Making it unique and interesting.

>Twin Wall
>Experimental Prototype
>Acrylic Light Box

>Fish Tank & Cabinet
>Technic Fabrication
>Bubble Counter
>Water Feature
>Tank Filtration

>Acrylic Cabinet
>Water Tube
>Pyramid Structure

>Extreme Filtration
>Siever Style
>Flow Monitor
>Fibre Module
>Angular Display
>Designer Instrument

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