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Q: What are the Characteristic of Acrylic Plastic?
A: Acrylic is light weight and is half the weight of glass.

Q Does Acrylic give out chemical reaction when mixed with certain solvent?
A: It is not advisable to apply certain solvents e.g.(window cleaning sprays, scouring compounds, acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or lacquer thinner). It might deform the plastic surface.

Q: Can Acrylic be used for fish tank?
A: Yes, there are many people who use acrylic for their fish tank. As it is light weight and not as brittle as glass.

Q: Is there any Acrylic that look like glass?
A: Yes, We have acrylic materials that look similar to glass. Often people use acrylic as it is less hazardous as compared to glass.

Q: Can Acrylic take the heat of flouresence light?
A: Yes, that is why acrylic can be used for lighting fixtures.

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