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Ying Kwang have many years of experience in handling acrylic plastics. From cutting, drilling, jointing, polishing, bending of acrylic sheets.

Unlike glass, acrylic does not shatter easily,
and as a result, many glass artifacts are slowly being replaced by acrylic materials.

Due to its many advantages over glass and great formability, it can be fabricated into many products, from industrial uses like machine covers to design for aestatic purposes and household products.

Acrylic has also light transmitting properties and a good weathering resistance material. As a thermoplastic, acrylic becomes soft when heated at high temperature and harden when cooled, it
can be easily moulded and shaped.

The only limitation is creativity!


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All you need to do is to either fax us or to email us the requirments(e.g. the dimension or measurement etc). You can also give us a call and a sales personnel will attend to you. We
will provide the adequate information as per your specification.


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